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The Waldo County Rangers is a western heritage shooting club located near Bangor, Maine.  Despite it's location, the club travels throughout the state to various shooting ranges with similiar interests.  At the moment the clubs main focus is in Cowboy Fast Draw and Action Shooting and American Cowboy Quick Draw.
After June 2009, the club merged a Civil War re-enacting club to offer events from the time periods 1860-1900.  Members are offer a wider range of activities to choose from.  We are proud to honor the memory of the brave soldiers who fought for their individual beliefs during the conflict now known as the Civil War and look forward to celebrating their devote to the causes they fought for during the 150th Anniversary.

Membership is open to most everyone that can legally shoot western firearms ranging from the time period of 1820-1900, excluding bolt action and automatic firearms.  Membership fees start at $10 for associates $15 for regular yearly memberships and $200 for Lifetime memberships.   For more information, checkout the membership recruitment page.

For more Information on the Club you can contact "Last Will" by clicking here.